To set up your web app we need a few bits of information:

App ID
Unique identifier for web links. Your web app address will look like
where the last element, appid is the app id. Please keep it short and meaningful, e.g. "pizza" or "widgets"
App Name
Usually your company or store name, such as "John Doe Pizza" or "Widgets Corp". You may change the name later.
Subscriber Info
We also need to create a user account for web app administrator. Please provide email address, password and name of the person.

App Info

Unique identifier for your web app. You may not change it later. Please use a-z letters and digits only. No spaces.

Subscriber Info

The email address will be your user id. You will enter it along with your password in order to sign in to the system.
Password must be at least 8 characters long.