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Mobile Loyalty Cards: Intro (3:13)

Digital. No more plastic or paper cards to carry in wallet. No more plastic or paper cards to order in bulk. Change design instantly.

Mobile. It lives on mobile phone. It is tightly integrated with the phone.

Dynamic. The card displays and updates rewards in real time.

Informative. The card is two-sided. Like the plastic one. But unlike the plastic, you may put as much information on the reverse side as you want. Terms of service, store locations and hours, phone numbers, links to web sites, deals and specials - anything you may think of.

  • Instant enrollment

No app required. Yes, customers do not need any app to be installed on their phones. And you will not have to market somebody else's app, where your business will be just a line in the list of your competitors. You deserve your own button on a smartphone home screen. Stop marketing others. Start advertising yourself!

Instant enrollment. To setup an account, your customer needs just one phone call with just one item to select from touch tone menu. Or just one text message with a word REWARDS. The Punch More! server will respond with an activation link. No registration forms. Just ready-to-use card.

  • Any smartphone

Apple Passbook. If a customer comes with iPhone having iOS version 6 or newer, the punch card will be served as a pass and clipped into the Passbook app. Our server fully supports Passbook including push notifications and geofencing. Punch More! backoffice provides easy to use interactive pass designer, image library and convenient location manager.

Web browser is enough. On smartphones other than iPhone, the punch card is rendered in a web browser. Our server dynamically generates HTML code using Apple Passbook template. The card looks the same regardless of the platform, although details may vary depending on phone screen size, version and make of web browser.

  • Web terminal

Rewards card terminal. The terminal is available through back office. Type in (or scan using optical 2D barcode reader) the card's serial number and manage rewards - send or redeem perks and bonus points. Instead of serial number you may use customer phone number. You may also configure your cards to keep direct link to web terminal with serial number encoded into the link. All you need is a smartphone with QR reader app. Just scan the card and its management page will open in a web browser on your mobile phone!

Integration services. API to connect existing point of sale equipment. Custom turnkey solutions for integration with existing loyalty programs.

Audit trail. Punch More! server keeps complete record of all operations: who, when, what and from where.

  • Mobile marketing

Mobile web site. Your own mobile web site with easy to use content management system comes as a standard feature with all subscription plans.

SMS broadcasting. Your own dedicated phone number. Automated opt-in and opt-out system (via sms or touch tone menu). SMS forwarding - you will be surprised how many subscribers respond with questions and suggestions. Just because sending SMS from regular phone number looks like personal message. We forward all the responses to you via email.

Apple push notifications. Publish your deals and specials on a punch card and every update will be delivered right to the iPhone lock screen, the place, where it's always prime time!

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