Punch More! is mobile loyalty program featuring mobile punch cards, mobile bonus cards, sms advertising, Apple Passbook server and mobile web site with easy to use content management system.

To issue mobile loyalty cards you need an active Punch More! subscription. No software to install on your computer - the backoffice interface runs in a web browser.

To process the mobile punch or bonus cards you must use sales terminal, which is a part of backoffice and runs in a web browser. So, you need a device with internet connection and a web browser. You may use computer, tablet or smartphone. The smartphone is probably the most convenient device: just scan a card using any QR reader app and the terminal will open in a web browser.

A mobile phone with Internet access and web browser is a minimum requirement.

To activate card the cusotmer must dial your enrollment phone number and select option 5 using touch tone menu. The customer may also text REWARDS to your enrollment phone number. The Punch More! server will respond with an activation link sent via SMS. Customer must visit this link to download loyalty card.

Video camera and QR reader app may streamline the process by saving time, required to enter the enrollment phone number. iPhone users may clip the card into Passbook app.

Data center

Our servers reside in Markley Group datacenter, the Tier IV (highest tier) SAS 70 type II certified data center facility with over 150 diverse brand name clients, 100% uptime, and an 11 year operating history.


All sensitive data is protected by strong 2048 bit encryption while traveling over Internet.


Rush Project, Inc uses a redundant storage system to protect your data from software and hardware failure. We also run a nightly off-site backup to protect against a natural disaster or some other big problem. The remote backup location is on West coast (Seattle, WA). The backup server is capable of running the Punch More! service, should we face any disruptive events in our main data center.

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